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Abarth 124 Spider Rally

Abarth 124 Rally
The King of the rally is back!

Developed by the hugely experienced Squadra Corse Racing Team to tackle the most glorious of rally stages.

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Abarth Selenia Rally Trophy
The Abarth brand competition

Unmissable challenges, heart-pounding overtaking and pure performance: this is the Abarth Selenia Rally Trophy. Don't miss a single leg of the European championship. And if you have the DNA of a Scorpion, get out onto the track and challenge the leading Trophy drivers.

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Abarth 124 Spider Rally

F4 Championship
The Abarth motor championship

The young and talented F4 drivers head out onto the track in Abarth powered single seat race cars, in the Italian and German championships. The challenge has the aggression of the scorpion. The champions of tomorrow are already in pole position.

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Abarth 124 Spider Rally

Moto GP
Abarth and Team Movistar Yamaha back together

The best ones win! The 2016 MotoGP championship resumes under the sign of the Scorpion. The renewal of the partnership between Abarth and Team Movistar Yamaha is confirmation of adrenaline-producing competition and spectacular performances. The most beautiful victories are won by teams.

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Abarth 124 Spider Rally

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    Abarth 124 Spider Rally

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    Do you want to participate as a driver in the 2016 Abarth Racing season? Locate and contact your nearest team to find out how to enter the team event: prepare to experience an unforgettable season.

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